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Before I could attend Culture Shock’s 8th Annual East Coast Dance Concert, I had to wait for the S2 bus to get to Rock Creek Park. I had to ask one stranger which side of the road would take me to Carter Baron Amphitheater. Interestingly, the question spurred on a conversation about all the free jazz spots in the city. Over time more people showed up at the bus stop, all of whom seemed oblivious to each other’s presence. One gentleman abruptly sat right next to a woman saddled with shopping bags and began to stare intently in her eyes. After a few seconds of asphyxiating tension, the woman finally sighed a giant breath of relief and surrendered by placing her hand in his. It was then I realized these two¬† strangers¬† actually knew each other and were fighting. I had no idea. I mean, I caught the guy a few times staring in the woman’s direction, but I thought he was just another creeper.

After finding out the truth, I became in awe of their relationship. It was a great reminder that although relationships may be riddled with disappointments, pain and humiliation, the real beauty of being in a relationship is deciding to choose to forgive and love in spite of these faults. Although I am terrified of being in love, witnessing those kinds of moments makes the idea not so scary anymore. Actually, I think it makes me look forward to it.


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